We had been to The Perfect Location, Faridabad quite a while ago – when they had just setup the place initially. It was a nice concept – having a private location with pretty backdrops, setups and props and complete with a fully equipped changing room. What more can one ask for?

When Neha and Anant booked this lovely place for 8 hours for their PreWedding shoot, we were initially wondering what would we be shooting for 8 hours. It seemed way too long!



 However, when we reached there, we realized that 8 hours was actually not too long. In fact we could use an additional two hours as well if needed. The Perfect Location now has added larger and better backdrops. Some of these backdrops in themselves could have been used for a couple of hours to fully utilize them.

The ‘Moroccan Fort’ was a really well thought of backdrop. It has a lot of potential.